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Coopee™ Hyperlocal Marketplaces

Unite local vendors and customers in a single marketplace


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Coopee™ Hyperlocal Marketplaces

Coopee® is the new hyperlocal marketplace platform designed specifically for Chambers of Commerce, Business Improvement Areas(BIA) and any other commercial collective such as artist communities.

You can now rapidly build a hyperlocal digital marketplace to support all of your members whilst delivering added value to local customers. Read on to learn how Coopee™ can help re-ignite your local economy.

Fun Fact: Coopee™ is derived from the Ukrainian verb “to buy”. Spelt “курити” and pronounced “coo-pee-tee” we abreviated it to “Coopee™” – cool huh?!


Customers can purchase from all your local vendors, stores, and service providers in a single order.


Vendors can sell to local customers and visitors whilst retaining the personal touch and customer relationship


Curb Side Pickup or Local Delivery. Safe, secure, and relationship building; the perfect model for a pandemic!


All your favourite local stores and businesses in one convenient marketplace

The New Economy

During the coronavirus pandemic, online shopping with curbside pickup and local delivery has become the default business model for many local stores and vendors.

However, the hyperlocal model provides a unique opportunity to engage with customers whilst serving them products and services from all of your local businesses. All in one place. Your hyperlocal marketplace.

With over 20 years experience in building eCommerce solutions we have created a scalable platform that serve the hyperlocal economy.

Although born amidst a crisis, this business model is sustainable for the long term and, will ensure that businesses are prepared for the next major disruption to the business status quo.



The Coopee™ Solution

Coopee™ Hyperlocal Marketplace is a turnkey solution designed specifically to rapidly deploy a complete marketplace in your local community.

Built on proven technology, the platform can accommodate an unlimited number of local vendors and customers. We are able to add value to both product and service based businesses so the accountants and lawyers do not need to feel left-out!

The Coopee™ platform can be deployed in a matter of days and with no up-front investment. We recognize the challenges that businesses are facing not least of which is cash flow. As a result, we have built a business solution on a subscription model therefore eliminating the tens of thousands of dollars usually associated with launching an eCommerce solution.




Coopee™ is Deployed in Just Four Steps

We create and customize your Coopee™ Hyperlocal Marketplace to match your own style guide including brand colours, logo, and unique domain name.

Adding your vendors and their products and services to the marketplace. Either your members can do this themselves through our powerful but easy-to-use dashboard or, we can offer content management services and take care of all the work for them.

Once the initial vendor and product lists are loaded, we are ready to open your store and promote it to your community. We can help you to advertise your new marketplace with targeted ad’ campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.

We will support you, and your members, throughout the life of your marketplace to ensure your ongoing success. Additional content management, marketing, advertising, and SEO/SEM support packages are available to enhance your site.

A Complete Turnkey SaaS Solution.

At Coopee™, we take care of all the infrastructure, security, design, operations, and support. Your Chamber and businesses have enough to deal with right now without having to worry about hosting an eCommerce website too.


Each marketplace is branded with your own style guide to suit your city or region.

Social Media

Every marketplace has tight integration to social media platforms to encourage engagement.


Detailed analytics ensure that your marketplace is performing as expected.


All marketplace sites are optimized for search engine performance and ranking. 


Need help with copy, then our skilled authors can help you. Carefully crafted copy can have a big impact on SEO.

Team Training

We provide training resources, webinars, and how-to guides to help you get the most from your marketplace.


We take care of all the web development, hosting, and security so that you don’t have to.

Email Marketing

Tight integration with MailChimp enables you to build your list and keep them engaged.

Get Started Now!

Are you a Chamber of Commerce, BIA, or business association? Then our scalable platform based solution means that we can get you, and your members, up and running in days not months! A perfect solution for the new post-Covid emerging economy.

Working together, we can help re-ignite your local economy and save those local businesses.

Learn more about how Coopee™ can help your local economy...

For Chambers of Commerce...

With Coopee™, your local Chamber of Commerce is the connector between businesses (B2B) and consumers (B2C). With the focus on providing value-added services to the local community, your Chamber of Commerce is the ideal project partner for your Coopee™ Hyperlocal Marketplace.

For Vendors...

Local stores, vendors, and service providers, are able to secure a powerful, fully-featured, and high-converting eCommerce platform for a simple monthly subscription and with no huge up-front investment. Getting started is easy and quick!

For Partners...

We can be successful together!

If you have the skills to help your local business community get onboard then we would like to hear from you. Our fully supported Partner Program will help you to help them.

For Customers...

One stop local shopping!

Customers can purchase multiple products, from multiple stores, all in one place. Your local Coopee™ Hyperlocal Marketplace offers a variety of products from many trusted local suppliers with a single, simple transaction. Curbside pickup and local delivery gets the product to you quickly.