Coopee™ for Chambers of Commerce...

Coopee™ Hyperlocal Marketplaces

Unite local vendors and customers in a single marketplace



Customers can purchase from all your local vendors, stores, and service providers in a single order.


Vendors can sell to local customers and visitors whilst retaining the personal touch and customer relationship


Curb Side Pickup or Local Delivery. Safe, secure, and relationship building; the perfect model for a pandemic!


All your favourite local stores and businesses in one convenient marketplace

The New Economy

During the coronavirus pandemic, online shopping with curbside pickup and local delivery has become the default business model for many local stores and vendors.

However, the hyperlocal model provides a unique opportunity to engage with customers whilst serving them products and services from all of your local businesses. All in one place. Your hyperlocal marketplace.

Although born amidst a crisis, this business model is sutainable for the long term and, will ensure that businesses are prepared for the next major disruption to the business status quo.

So, we had an idea!

What if, we created a single marketplace designed specifically for Chambers of Commerce, Business Development Areas, and commercial associations such as artists.

What if, we could create a solution where a customer could purchase a variety of items, from a variety of vendors, in a single transaction and, arrange fulfillment either by curb-side pickup or local delivery.

Better together...

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”

Together we can create an economic ecosystem that will reignite the local economy in a sustainable way.

Concept to Launch in THREE Steps

1. We create your marketplace

We create your own unique marketplace complete with your own branding and dedicated domain. We style the site with your logo, font, and colours.

Together, we share the exciting news with your business community and open the marketplace up to vendors.

2. Vendors create their stores

Vendors register with the marketplace and begin to create their store. Adding their own branding, logos, colours, products, and more your local businesses prepare to open for business.

Help is available either directly from us or, from our growing network of Coopee™ Partners. Indeed, we encourage local agencies to become partners and support their local business community.

3. We Open for Business

Once we have a core, initial group of vendors and products (usually around 30 vendors) then we are ready to open for business.

We can help you to promote the site to your local community through targeted social media advertising and Google ad’s.

For Chambers of Commerce, BIAs, etc…

Contact us now to learn more about Coopee™ and discover how together we can help re-ignite your local economy.

Contact us…

Learn more about how Coopee™ can help your local economy...

For Chambers of Commerce...

With Coopee™, your local Chamber of Commerce is the connector between businesses (B2B) and consumers (B2C). With the focus on providing value-added services to the local community, your Chamber of Commerce is the ideal project partner for your Coopee™ Hyperlocal Marketplace.

For Vendors...

Local stores, vendors, and service providers, are able to secure a powerful, fully-featured, and high-converting eCommerce platform for a simple monthly subscription and with no huge up-front investment. Getting started is easy and quick!

For Partners...

We can be successful together!

If you have the skills to help your local business community get onboard then we would like to hear from you. Our fully supported Partner Program will help you to help them.

For Customers...

One stop local shopping!

Customers can purchase multiple products, from multiple stores, all in one place. Your local Coopee™ Hyperlocal Marketplace offers a variety of products from many trusted local suppliers with a single, simple transaction. Curbside pickup and local delivery gets the product to you quickly.